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HID Reverse Lighting (MOST ALL VEHICLES)

HID DRL Kit (Chevy Trucks)

HID DRL Kit (Camara RS Package)

HID DRL Kit (Mercedes)

Universal HID Bulb

Super Easy Installation

No need for Relay Harness (Only 2A to operate the 15w HID)

Super Bright Instant ON HID Lighting!

AC 15w HID Ballast for Very Long life operation.

Design and Technology Originating from Japan

Will fit the following with ease:

P13W / 5502 /H16 / 5202 /1057 / 1157 /1057 / 1156/ 3057 / 3157 / 3357 /3056 / 3156 / 3356 7507 / 7506 /7440/7441 /194/168 /921 (might need to make hole a little bigger)

Plastic housing and afraid to put HID in there?

No need to worry anymore!

15W HID Bulb burns at a cool 145 deg F

Standard P13W Bulb is over 200 deg F

12vDC @ 2.6A IN

15w AC OUT

MSRP: $249.00

Sale Price: $199.00

Bulb Type/Size

Super Slim Ballast Xenon HID Headlight Conversion Kit

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MSRP: $249.00

Sale Price: $150.00

(3000k is only available in H1 H3 H4 9005 9006 880 881)

Bulb Type/Size

Compare the difference

Product Description

Sold As: Twin Pack (Pair)
Wattage: 35
Average Luminance: 202500 candela
Average Life: 3500 Hours
Color Available: 3000k 4300k 6000k 8000k 10000k  12000k
Warranty: 1 year

O-NEX HID KIT System is designed as a plug and play application; this system will fit into most cars without any modification. Unplug your old bulb, plug in ballast in old bulb plug and put NEW HID-Xenon Bulb back into headlight housing.  Installation takes only 5-10 min, then just mount ballast where you want near your headlights.

The conversion kit is plug and play application which includes everything required for the conversion, and includes all necessary hardware, harnesses along with easy to read instructions & diagrams. The O-NEX HID conversion kit won't only help your visual clarity on the road but you amaze other drivers from very far distances.

Super Slim HID Headlight Kit Includes:

2 X 35W Slim BALLAST



4 X Zip ties

All required harness




Warning Canceller Capacitor
  • HID Warning canceller works similar as wiring harness for a few certain new luxury vehicles.   This will solve error message on dash board of newer luxury cars.
  • This HID Conversion Kit Computer Warning Canceller Capacitor solves the computer error warning i.e.  CANBUS WIRING PROBLEM, encountered during the installation of the HID kits. Compatible with cars equipped with Daytime running lights (DRL)
  • You can connect the power supply with the ballast via this cable.

    This cable fits for CARS WITH COMPUTER CONTROLLED HEADLIGHTS, including such car models as Benz, BMW, Audi, ACURA,  Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Ford Honda Jeep, Mazda, Mercedes, Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Saturn, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Toyota Truck, Volkswagen, Volvo, CORVETTE, Hyundai, Sonata, plymouth, voyager, HONDA, CIVIC, TOYOTA, CAMRY, LINCOLN, NAVIGATOR, FORD, EXPEDITION, FORD, EXPLORER Jeep, Wrangler, Pontiac, Grand, Prix, Nissan, Altima / 240sx ACURA INTEGRA toyota. 

Sale Price: $40.00/Pair

Select Type:

Compatible with cars equipped with Daytime running lights (DRL)


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